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Operate a few skill of buy bottle machine
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One, should use correct clear lotion and lubricant. Clean aid should use water agent cleaner (PINSETTER CLEANER#62-860083-005) . Chain uses special lubricant, the lubricant that does not suit can cause chain excessive drawing.

2, if be on metallic spare parts,discovery has (human society) , this explains these components did not undertake lubricating on time. What should handle notebook by buy bottle machine is preventive safeguard paragraphic, undertake lubricating correctly to these components.

3, machine of examination buy bottle crock of 3 hydraulic pressure (crock of hydraulic pressure of amortize plate washer, sweep a car to release hydraulic pressure crock, be restricted crock of Cheng board hydraulic pressure) whether to have right amount hydraulic pressure oil. Hydraulic pressure oil is not worth the amortize effect that will reduce them, affect the service life of crock of 3 hydraulic pressure.

4, the degree of tightness that checks leather belt of green of buy bottle machine is spent, ensure without crack. If had had,have crack, be about to solder afresh or change. Once the diameter that notices green leather belt is little at rice of 10 a person of extraordinary powers, the service that can operate manual according to buy bottle machine is paragraphic undertake changing.

5, examination everyday stop machine record sheet, consult form of code of trouble of buy bottle engine, damage through adjust or changing in order to correct breakdown. In buy bottle machine can consulting to handle notebook in the meantime, adjust reach trouble removal is paragraphic, have self check in order to help, diagnose reach machine of maintenance buy bottle.

6, correct cleanness uploads in buy bottle machine to ball bottle be defeated is necessary, so ball bottle should undertake cleanness every months with water agent cleaner regularly, most appropriate uses gentle cleaner or Bin Shiyu PIN CLEANER#61-860202-000, not only can go smeary, make ball bottle bright and clean and bright more. Do not use the washing powder, essence that wash clean or the cleaner with any professional blame.

7, should check ball bottle the degree of tightness of wide transmission leather belt is spent reach whether with hind in transmission platen buy. If the brim of wide transmission leather belt has,wear away, the degree of tightness that indicates this leather belt is spent have a problem, and no continuously caustic will bring about leather belt to damage thoroughly. When discovery leather belt noes badly caustic, must change leather belt. Should check wide leather belt everyday whether in buy.

8, should check a ball to quicken machine and goal to whether be run normally, it is normal to ensure ball door lock decides coil action. If bowling passes ball detector when, ball door lock decides coil to be out of order, can bring the bottle that send a ball to enter a ball to quicken by accident in machine, reason is necessary to consider to change this coil, if this kind of circumstance appears, answer to adjust goal device everyday according to handling notebook.
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